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Life is filled with seasons of transition.

  • Entering adulthood.
  • The start of a new job or leaving one behind.
  • Getting married.
  • Moving and getting settled.
  • Having and raising children.
  • The loss of a loved one when they pass away.
  • Fill in the blank _______.

Transition is that space
between letting go of what has been
and stepping into what is yet to be.

Transitions are fast if what is to be is already spelled out. From vision, research, preparation, planning, to implementation.

Transitions can be slow if the way is not quite clear yet.

So we may have this ‘thing’ inside of us. It may be just an inkling of an idea.
Or it could be a burning passion without the knowing how best to pull it off.

When the idea itself or best way to carry it out is not crystal clear, this is where we can feel the most pressure.  It’s as if we are floating in the sea as the push and pull of the waves open up a myriad of possibilities.  The din of voices on the outside start churning up the waters all around us.  And those voices begin to compete with what may be the still small voice within.

Sometimes it is helpful to listen to both.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming.

You know that sometimes guidance can be helpful when figuring out which direction to set your sail to next.

You long for some direction, insights, something, anything that can help shed more light on your own glowing embers within.

Even if only a confirmation.

Whatever the case may be, we can easily get caught up in a perilous journey and mad dash to become ‘someone’.

And lose our true selves in the process.

So, here’s to navigating those waters during periods of transition.
May we embrace the journey as a grand adventure rather than a perilous journey, while remaining true to ourselves along the way.

Or at least on the path to discovering ‘who we are’ along the way.

A short film by Nic Askew, creator of Soul Biographies.

Visit original page on Soul Biographies website: The Perilous Journey of Becoming Someone.


1.  Are you in a period of transition in your own life?

2.  How have you navigated periods of transition in the past? What did you find helpful?  What didn’t help?

3.  How are you doing in terms of balancing the need for outer guidance with spending time in silence to listen to the still small voice within?

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