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‘My destiny is to create more consciousness. The sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.’ ~ Carl Jung



Welcome to my virtual playground.

Creative thought and think tank zone.

Experimental creative writing workshop.

Exploratory writing lab on the ever-illusive meaning of this thing we call life. And love.

This blog was in a way, born of necessity. I needed a place to expand on thoughts and ideas that came to me while on Twitter.  140 characters isn’t always enough to express myself.  As an associative thinker, I often connect a series of related tweets together.  Some start out as my own thought for the day and before I know it, I’ve managed to connect the dots from the tweets of other users.  I’ve been inspired to expand my thoughts based on Twitter tweets for quite some time.  Now I’m going to make that happen.

I’m generally interested in:

  • World issues/Current Events
  • Leadership issues
  • Healing from child abuse and anything that has/is causing shame and dehumanization in the world.
  • The arts and music.
  • Spirituality
  • Change

I’m inherently interested in raising questions, exploring issues and the impact they have had on my world and world at large. It is my hope all I express will help either shine the spotlight on a particular scope or facet in life. Or that it might reveal additional perspective to add to the whole.

Warning: Thoughts subject to change without notice. We’re leaving room for evolution. Keeping the heart and mind open to an expanding consciousness.

Would love to receive feedback. May be open to adding additional contributors in the future.

Get your explorer hats on! I invite you to join me in connecting, exchanging ideas and perspectives, and co-creating a beautiful new world.  Together!

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