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Hello friends!

I hope all of you have been enjoying the holiday season this year.  I’ve been asked to host the last #spiritchat for the year 2014, which is happening this Sunday, December 28, 2014 at 9am EST/ 6am PST. 

As we bring another year to a close, it seemed rather fitting to focus on the Seasons of Change we’ve experienced this year.  Just as our world goes through its appointed seasons, we experience them in a myriad of ways ourselves.  So our focus for #spiritchat this week is to do some reflecting on the most significant changes we’ve experienced in 2014 to help prepare us with our new beginnings in 2015.  

Some common seasons of change and transitions you may have experienced or might still be in the midst of:

  • Health – aging, sickness and disease,  weight loss/gain, fitness, death and dying
  • Relationships – children: birth, graduation, empty nest syndrome, marriage, divorce, death
  • Home – buying,selling, moving, building, renovating
  • Business – starting, selling/ending, success and failure, new projects, products, services

And everything in between!  

To help set the mood, here is a link to a post I wrote of the same title a few years ago.

‘Seasons of Change’

You will find a series of questions at the end of the post that may help get you thinking about our chat tomorrow.  Please note that I’ve created a new series of questions for the chat so those will be different for the most part.  Also, I’m pleased to share that Jon Mertz ( @thindifference ) provided two of the questions that I will be sharing tomorrow!  Thank you Jon!

If you would like to participate and have not done so before, there are many Twitter chat platforms to use that make focusing and engaging on a specific chat helpful.  One that many of us use for #spiritchat is tchat.io.  Simply click on the following link to be taken to the spiritchat forum.


Be sure to log in!  You’ll see a tweet field at the top where you will type your answers to the questions.  All participants tweets appear below this field, and will include yours as you submit your answers.

So join us on Sunday, December 28, 2014 as we reflect on the seasons we’ve experienced in the past year, and prepare for the new year in 2015!  We’d love to learn with you!


Seasons of Change Twitter Chat
Dec 28, 2014

Q1) What does seasons of change mean to you?
Q2) What type of change is easier to navigate -subtle or abrupt? ~Jon Mertz @thindifference
Q3) What was the most significant season of change you experienced in 2014?
Q4) What lessons did you learn during transitions between seasons this year?
Q5) Are seasons important to recognize or is it better to just go with the flow? ~Jon Mertz @thindifference
Q6) What will you consciously need to end before new growth can take place?
Q7) What emotions challenge you the most when it comes to endings and beginnings?
Q8) What new beginnings did you experience in 2014?
Q9) What new possibilities are springing up inside and around you right now?
Q10) What do you want to harvest in 2015 and what seeds do you need to sow to make it happen?


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